Release Notes for LAW PreDiscovery
Version 6.1.54 (Release Date: Feb 29, 2012)
LAW PreDiscovery  
# Type Category Description
1 New Deduplication Added support for SQL Server as database for Inter-Case Deduplication utility.
2 New ED Loader Added support for Outlook OST files and encrypted PST files to electronic discovery imports.
3 New Export Added <FolderPath> field to available export fields that will contain the contents of the Path field in LAW.
4 New Full Text Reports Added custodian summary and grouping and family size information to full text search reports.
5 New Import/Export Added support for importing/exporting EDRM 2.0 XML load files.
6 New TIFF/E-Print Microsoft Project support (TIFF conversion and e-print).
7 Mod ED Loader The file identification engine was updated to version 2.34.
8 Mod ED Loader Absolute Packager Self Extracting Archives (file id = 1971) are now supported for extraction.
9 Mod Exports The @O token is now included for each record in Summation load files that does not have an associated image.
10 Mod Full Text Indexing Additional logging, validation, and error checking has been added to the full text indexing process to ensure all issues are identified and exposed properly after indexing.
11 Mod Grid View The View -> Attachment Fields function in the standalone grid has been updated to handle database connection drops.
12 Mod Imports The Import -> Image Replacement Load File feature now supports the replacement of images with page counts that differ from the replacement image. Adding images for records without an existing image is also now supported.
13 Bug Batch Update The Batch Update feature was not functioning in the standalone grid view when the grid was grouped by one or more fields.
14 Bug ED Loader/EDA A "query timeout expired" error was occurring when sending a large number of items from Early Data Analyzer to LAW.
15 Bug ED Loader/EDA In rare cases, Outlook .OST items processed in Early Data Analyzer that are saved to MSG format during import to LAW will be missing the body content when viewing the MSG file in Outlook. This did not affect the text body content in LAW.
16 Bug ED Loader/EDA The EDSource and EDFolder fields are incomplete when messages from MBOX and DBX files are sent to LAW.
17 Bug ED Loader/EDA The EDSource field was not being set correctly for folder sources in which the source folder did not files any actual files, but did contain subfolders with files.
18 Bug ED Loader/EDA The EDFolder field would only contain a backslash when sending documents from EDA to LAW if the hit for a family occurred on an attachment instead of the parent.
19 Bug ED Loader A "string or binary would be truncated" error was occurring when adding a large number of stations (approx. 16 or more) to a distributed import using the restricted job feature that would prevent the job from being created.
20 Bug ED Loader A "string was not recognized as a valid DateTime" error was occurring when importing AOL instant messenger files when the processing station's system date format was set to DD-MM-YYYY.
21 Bug ED Loader After enabling and then disabling the "Override system time zone during processing", the time zone used for processing would not get reset to the current system time zone.
22 Bug ED Loader All recipients (To/CC/BCC) of e-mails imported from an Outlook PST file that was created using the "New-MailboxExportRequest" cmdlet in Exchange Server 2010 would be lost if the message was saved to MSG format. This issue only affected the output MSG file, not the metadata stored in LAW.
23 Bug ED Loader An "invalid procedure call or argument" error was occurring when attempting to summarize the queue after manually entering custodian names.
24 Bug ED Loader Certain HTML files were taking an extremely long time to import into a case.
25 Bug ED Loader Corrected a commit error "Unclosed quotation mark after the character string 'ASCII'." that was occurring when importing certain image files with the "Capture EXIF metadata for image files (TIFF/JPEG)" setting enabled.
26 Bug ED Loader Embedded images in RTF-formatted e-mails from Outlook mail stores would be lost if using an output format of RTF/HTML or MHTML.
27 Bug ED Loader Outlook messages containing zipped e-mail attachments receive invalid attachment parent ID's for all attachments after the zipped e-mail attachment. Any attachments after the zipped e-mail attachment become linked to the attachment instead of the parent e-mail.
28 Bug ED Loader Text within a "very hidden sheet" in Excel files was not being identified as hidden text by LAW ("HiddenText" field value was set to "No").
29 Bug ED Loader The ED Loader progress bar would sometimes exceed 100% while still importing data after resuming a session.
30 Bug Endorse Endorsing a large, serialized document (approx. 4000 pages or more) may fail to endorse all pages during a distributed batch without logging an error. This can occur if the LMC shuts down LAW as it does not detect LAW as being responsive during the copy operation to replace the original files.
31 Bug Exports The field length of text fields is now specified in CaseLogistix load files to prevent issues when importing into CaseLogistix.
32 Bug Exports The "NativeFile" field now appears only once in the CaseLogistix load file when the field is manually selected in the Fields tab (this field appears automatically when native files are included)
33 Bug Exports Images with an extremely low resolution (25 or lower) would result in the first page being blank when exported to the PDF format.
34 Bug Grid Views The prompt to save grid profile changes was not appearing when opening either grid, showing or hiding all fields, and closing the grid
35 Bug Grid Views The grid views fail to launch when the query contains extended property fields and SQL Server 2008 R2 is used for the database. This has been corrected for the standalone grid only in this release. Please see the known issues list for more information on this topic.
36 Bug Image Manipulation An invalid AttachPID value was getting set when splitting images based on barcode values, leading to invalid attachment sequences.
37 Bug OCR Using Expervision to OCR large images (approx. 2000 pages or more) with output set to PDF was failing when attempting to create the output file. An updated version of Expervision is included ( to resolve this issue.
38 Bug OCR A "bad file name or number" error was occurring when attempting to OCR documents within a folder path containing Unicode characters.
39 Bug Tag Text Hits A "query timeout expired" error was occurring when attempting to tag text hits after running a full text search on large cases.
40 Bug TIFF Conversion Batch TIFFing large files (approx. 7000 pages or more) may fail, causing LAW to shut down with a license error. A license error gets displayed during batch process and LAW attempts to restart. Upon restart, an object not set error is returned.
41 Bug TIFF/E-Print The header and footer print settings for PowerPoint files were not being applied when using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.
42 Bug TIFF/E-Print When printing documents with tracked changes and the "Show Comments" and "Show Revisions" options enabled, the body of the document would not always be centered when using Microsoft Word 2010.
43 Bug TIFF/E-Print An "Object variable or with block variable not set" error was occurring occasionally when printing using the "Print Lotus Notes e-mails natively from Lotus" option. This applies to Lotus Notes versions 8.5 and above.
44 Bug TIFF/E-Print Text hidden by selecting Font -> Hidden was not being revealed when using the "Reveal Hidden Text" feature in LAW. This ONLY applies to documents created AND processed with Microsoft Word 2003.
45 Bug User Interface Toggling between the Text and Image tabs in the main interface was taking an excessive amount of time on documents with extremely large text content.
Early Data Analyzer (ver 1.1.110)  
# Type Category Description
1 New Administration Added ability to control the maximum number of agents allowed to work on a case (available from Analysis tab in case settings).
2 New Administration Added ability to modify processing/analysis order for cases from the Global Dashboard.
3 New Analysis Added ability to re-analyze documents from the Exceptions view.
4 New Export Added ability to export tagged document sets providing more precise control of export sets compared with just the core filtering mechanisms. Note: All tags associated with a document will be written to LAW during exports regardless of the selection method.
5 New Language Analysis Added Language Filter to core filter list to providing tagging and grouping of documents based on the language content.
6 New OCR Added ability to OCR image or PDF documents that do not contain extracted text. OCR settings are available in the case level settings. Note: When exporting to LAW, only OCR for parent documents will be retained.
7 New Passwords Added support for password management (available in case settings) to provide support for extracting content from password protected PDFs.
8 New Reporting Added ability to save reports to Excel.
9 New Reporting Added new export reports: Export (summary) Report, Export Inclusion Log, and Export Exclusion Log
10 New Reporting Added Search Report that will report search results against all defined searches. The Search Report includes summary by custodian, term, and terms by custodian, and includes hit counts by term and family, and sizes by term and family.
11 New Reporting Filter Summary report was updated to include all defined filters and line item summaries for effect of filters.
12 New Search Added Search tab with enhanced search capabilities including metadata search, field picker, dictionary support, batch search mode, and guided search with metadata based clustering on custodian, file type, sender, and sender domain.
13 New Tagging Added ability to create and tag document sets based on filters or searches.
14 New Text Indexing Added 64-bit version of text indexing process to improve speed and scalability on 64-bit operating systems.
15 New User Interface Added ability to sort columns (Name, Count, Tags) in the filter, search, and export sections.
16 Mod Case Manager A "<Not Specified>" value has been added to the "Filter by Client" drop-down in the Case Manager to allow the filtering of cases without client names.
17 Bug Language Analysis The language identification process was not functioning correctly when size limit was set to values other than 0 (ie. 4KB) resulting in language identification of "Unknown" in most cases.
18 Bug Licensing The original license server name is displayed after losing the license connection and reconnecting to a different license server.
19 Bug Metadata For certain e-mails, control characters were being displayed in the interface when viewing metadata fields.
20 Bug Source Management Top-level sources with folder or filenames longer than 100 characters were failing to add to the queue when dragged into either drop zone on the left side of the Import tab. This has been corrected for the "Drop files and folders here to create multiple custodians" drop zone only. See the known issues list for more information.
Version 6.0.06 (Release Date: Oct 24, 2011)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update Performing a batch update on a search result generated from a query containing full text conditions results in all records in case being updated instead of the current result set.
2 ED Loader Disabling the 'Override system time zone during processing' forces the processing time zone to 'International Date Line West' if the current system time zone is set to 'Coordinated Universal Time' when the ED Loader session is initiated.
3 ED Loader Disabling the 'Preserve X.400 addresses' setting results in an auto-generated SMTP address for the sender in cases where no SMTP address is available for the sender in the MAPI properties for Outlook messages.
4 ED Loader In rare cases, the body of an e-mail may not get extracted when saving to HTML/MHTML or in the extracted text. This issue was reported for some e-mails that were converted from OST to PST using Digital Reef.
5 Early Data Analyzer Duplicate counts were being incorrectly re-calculated for e-mails from MBOX (*.mbx) and Outlook Express (*.dbx) mail stores when a source was deleted from a case.
6 Early Data Analyzer E-mails attached to other e-mails were being deduplicated against other top-level e-mails.
7 Early Data Analyzer In some cases, the text indexer may fail to complete if not enough system memory is available.
8 Grid Views An error occurs resetting OCR flags from a grid display if the search result was generated from a query containing extended metadata properties.
9 Reporting The Page Properties and File Type Summary reports are generated for entire case when the 'Current Record Set' option is used for a search result based on a full text search.
10 TIFF/E-Print Printing Excel documents causes print server to shut down if Office 2003 is installed.
Version 6.0.05 (Release Date: Aug 30, 2011)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Administration The ability to delete SQL databases from the server on case deletion may now be disabled with an ini setting. See help file for details.
2 Batch Processing The machine name of the station processing a document during batch processing is now stored in the BatchStation field. Note: This is only supported in ED-enabled cases.
3 Early Data Analyzer The Early Data Analyzer module is now available (<>). This module allows early culling and analysis to reduce data sets prior to processing with LAW. Note: This module requires an additional license.
4 ED Loader A new setting was added to restrict language identification to the most commonly encountered languages.
5 ED Loader Metadata extraction capabilities have been enhanced for the ED Loader. Custom metadata fields may be extracted from PDF and MS Office Files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). EXIF metadata may be extracted from TIFF/JPEG files. Detection of comments and tracked changes is available for Word/Excel files. Detection of hidden sheets, rows and columns is available for Excel files. A new Metadata settings category was added to allow configuration of these settings. Note: None of these enhanced metadata properties are stored in the main document table, they are stored as extended properties in an alternate storage schema. Because of this, they are not visible in the grid displays in column format. They must be viewed in grids by enabling the extended property view (View -> Extended Properties or new toolbar button).
6 ED Loader The elapsed time taken to process an import session is now displayed in the session browser dialog.
7 ED Loader The machine name of the station performing an import is now stored in the ImportStation field.
8 ED Loader ThreadID field was added to the ED Template. This field can be used to group message threads together. Note: This field is currently only supported for MS Outlook.
9 Exports Concordance exports now support the creation of load files for the Concordance Native Viewer (CNV). Support for CNV must be enabled from the configuration dialog.
10 Licensing Undocked keys can now be created without an internet connection. Note: This requires special authorization from LexisNexis to enable support for this functionality on the master key. Keys with this functionality enabled are not backward compatible with previous versions of the software.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Accuracy and performance of language analysis has been significantly improved.
2 ED Loader Modified logic used to detect embedded images in Outlook messages than can significantly improve import speed in certain situations.
3 ED Loader The 'Preserve X.400 addresses' setting is now enabled by default.
4 ED Loader The memo title header was removed from e-mails extracted from Lotus Notes stores. Note: This header was only present in version 5.9.
5 Grid Views Second confirmation on grid view save was removed.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Applying a time zone override during the import process on Windows Vista/7/2008 may cause metadata timestamps to be off by 1 hour due to invalid Daylight Savings time shifts. Note: Windows XP was not affected.
2 ED Loader Calendar items or emails that have been replied to that are imported from Lotus Notes stores contain "Error Reply" in the header of the extracted file.
3 ED Loader Corrected document specific issue in which e-mail body failed to be extracted from an Outlook message when output format was set to HTML/MHTML.
4 ED Loader Corrected document specific issue in which some attachments failed to be extracted from an Outlook message when output format was set to HTML/MHTML.
5 ED Loader Corrected document specific issue in which the sender may receive the SMTP address of the recipient for an Outlook message due to a non-standard internet message header.
6 ED Loader MBOX stores with Unicode filenames fail to extract messages.
7 ED Loader Resuming a standard (non-distributed) import session manually after a cancel or automatically after a crash results in an empty EDSource field for all documents imported after the import is resumed.
8 ED Loader Signed or encrypted Outlook messages may fail to render the message body in the extracted native document if the output format is set to MHTML. Note: The extracted text was not affected by this issue.
9 ED Loader Summarize queue report contains demo watermark.
10 ED Loader The Insert E-Doc functions fail if distributed processing is enabled.
11 Endorse Multipage TIFF images imported into LAW without a ".TIF" file extension lose all pages but the last during the endorse process.
12 Exports Setting the export text priority to "Printed, OCR, Extracted" will favor extracted text over OCR when no printed text is available. No other text priority combinations were affected.
13 Imports Corrected issue with special character preventing the import of an EDRM load file.
14 Management Console The LAW Management Console crashes regularly when running on Windows 7 SP1.
15 TIFF Conversion A native Outlook message (*.msg) that hangs for an unusually long amount of time and forces a timeout when converted to TIFF using the Shell Printer may be appended to the output of another document.
Version 5.9.25 (Release Date: Apr 15, 2011)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Distributed processing is now available in the ED Loader. This feature can be enabled from the 'General' settings. Distributed processing is only available for SQL cases, and LMC must be properly configured to create a distributed import.
2 ED Loader Embedded images in RTF content can now be extracted from Lotus Notes e-mails. This feature can be enabled from the 'E-Mail' settings. Extracted images will be treated as normal attachments (ie. Not rendered in the HTML output).
3 ED Loader Hidden text can now be detected in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents during imports. This feature can be enabled from the 'Text Extraction' settings. If hidden text is detected, the document will be flagged (HiddenText field), and the detected hidden text will be inserted at the top of the extracted text for easy review.
4 ED Loader Language detection is now available in the ED Loader. This feature can be enabled from the 'Text Extraction' settings.
5 ED Loader Meeting items in Lotus Notes mail stores are now rendered with a customized template specific to meetings, instead of the standard e-mail template.
6 ED Loader Support has been added for AOL, MSN, and Yahoo instant message archives. Theses archives will be rendered to HTML for display during the import process.
7 ED Loader Support has been added for Outlook Express mail stores (*.dbx). Outlook Express is not required. Messages extracted from OE stores will respect the same output setting as Outlook messages.
8 Exports A new option is available in the EDRM XML export settings to link to images and files in their current location.
9 Exports A new option is available in the Summation export to include an @EDOC token for e-mails extracted from mail stores.
# Category Description
1 Deduplication The Deduplication Utility was updated to handle connection drops for SQL cases.
2 Grid Views If a user modifies the current view in a grid, and has not saved it before exiting the grid, the Manage Grid Views dialog will now appear instead of a simple save prompt. This will allow the user to see the active grid view before saving, and create new ones.
3 Management Console Jobs in the management console (LMC) are now separated into two types, standard "Batches" and "ED Imports".
4 OCR Several performance enhancements were made for the ABBYY OCR engine (30-50% faster).
5 System .NET 4.0 is now required to run LAW.
6 TIFF/E-Print The eDrawings Viewer source application now references the 2011 version. It will no longer work with previous versions.
7 User Interface The Reports button is now disabled unless the user has an Admin license in the current session.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update Running a batch update from the grid on the result of a full text search that has been filtered may update records outside the filtered set.
2 Document Numbering Using the auto-number function to number a range of pages in a document that does not include the last page resets the EndDoc# to the last page numbered in the range.
3 ED Loader Inconsistent document hierarchy is seen when containers (MSG files & Doc files) containing MBox Files are imported as compared to Zip files containing MBox Files.
4 ED Loader Opening the ED Loader on one station while another station is performing an import causes prompt to recover a session. Selecting the recover option will cause unexpected results.
5 Exports "File Read Error" occurs on some images if splitting to single page images during export with the 'Use Pegasus Image Library' setting enabled.
6 Exports Text generated by ABBYY OCR Engine cannot be split to single page text during export.
7 Exports The setting to insert page markers in exported text was not translating the "&[Page ID]" token.
8 Grid Views Locked tag fields allowed editing from the standalone grid.
9 Grid Views The text pane in the standalone grid is not hidden if a metadata-only search is run immediately after a full text search.
10 Reporting Clicking the [Cancel] button on the "Invalid Request" dialog of the Full Text Reports tool causes a run-time error.
11 Reporting E-mails extracted from MBOX mail stores are not included in the 'File by Type' report.
12 Reporting Report - Count of attachment within Zip document embedded to MS-Office file is not shown in ED Loader Session Report
Version 5.8.16 (Release Date: Dec 22, 2010)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Administration An "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.(3704)" error occurs when executing scan for error functions multiple times within the same LAW session (Access cases only).
2 ED Loader Attachments to e-mails extracted from MBOX mail stores are not correctly linked to parent e-mail in some cases. This causes an "Either BOF or EOF is True" error if trying to detach an attachment from its parent and will cause invalid attachment ranges on exports (BegAttach, EndAttach, AttRange, etc.).
3 ED Loader Selecting <Cancel> to resume an incomplete session in which the system time zone was modified causes an "Invalid procedure call" error and fails to restore the system time zone to its previous state.
4 ED Loader When importing e-mails and converting to HTML, the plain text version of the message body is included in the output HTM file instead of the HTML body. This may also lead to the body text not wrapping when batch printing to paper or TIFF. This issue is present in versions 5.7.21 through 5.8.14.
5 Export Extra delimiters are included in the Concordance .DAT file when exporting without native files included.
6 Export When the Export Utility is launched from the embedded grid, the "All Documents" selection is chosen by default instead of "Search Results".
7 Numbering Performing an auto-number on a single document from main interface with a start page other than the first causes the BegDoc# field to be cleared for the document.
8 OCR Japanese characters are not searchable in PDF files with hidden text that are created by the ABBYY OCR engine in LAW.
Version 5.8.14 (Release Date: Nov 22, 2010)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Administration Cases can now be deleted from SQL Server when removing cases from the case list. The option to back up the case prior to deletion is available.
2 Administration Top-level folders and all sub-folders below them can now be deleted from within LAW using the folder deletion function.
3 ED Loader A date range filter for e-mails has been added to the ED Loader Exclusion settings.
4 ED Loader The ED Loader now supports MBOX e-mail archives.
5 ED Loader The time zone used when importing electronic files can now be specified from the ED Loader General settings ("Time Zone Selection" section). The "Translate date fields to universal time (GMT)" setting will be disabled for new cases as the new time zone setting replaces it. However, it will still be available for legacy cases for backward compatibility. The time zone chosen for processing will be stored in a "TimeZoneProc" field (created automatically in new cases only).
6 Exports Native files can now be optionally included at the document level for image+native exports based on a tag field. The "Include native for tagged documents only" setting on the Advanced tab controls this functionality.
7 Exports Page markers can now be specified and applied to OCR and Printed text (upper left corner) during the export process. The "Insert page markers in text" setting is located in the Text Options dialog.
8 Help A new online help system has been added (requires Internet access). In addition to an online version of the help file, it contains tutorials and information on training. To access this new help system, select Help -> Online Answer Center from the main form or the export utility.
9 Imports Existing images in a case can now be replaced using the Import -> Image Replacement Load file feature. There is an option to rename the original instead of replacing it available. Supported load files are *.LFP, *.OPT, and *.LOG files.
10 Numbering Page-level numbering now supports a "++" suffix syntax to auto-increment a document at the page level using a document level index field as the seed (ie: "&[<FieldName>]++").
11 Numbering The "Allow parent/attachment families to span across sections" option has been added to control whether rolling numeric sections span across document families.
12 Searching In addition to the grid views, query results can now be sent directly to the Batch Process, Export Utility, Batch Update, or Report Viewer using the "Send Results To" option on the Query Builder form.
13 TIFF/E-Print Microsoft Office 2010 is now officially supported. Note: The use of ED Loader on a machine with Outlook 2010 (64-bit version) is not yet supported.
# Category Description
1 Administration Implemented consistent database reconnect behavior for SQL cases in the following areas of the application: batch processing, imports, exports, and several key manual operations. This allows LAW to automatically reconnect when a SQL connection is lost during a session. While performing automated processes (import, export, batch), if a SQL connection is lost, LAW will wait indefinitely for the SQL connection to be restored before resuming processing.
2 Batch Update The batch update process was modified to improve performance significantly on large updates.
3 ED Loader dtSearch engine was updated to version 7.65. See <> for details.
4 ED Loader The default source application for MSG files (Filetype=148) has been changed to the "Shell Printer" to allow for increased print speeds. This change applies when creating new file type management databases. If the database already exists, it must be edited manually to apply this change.
5 Imports Select All and Clear All buttons have been added to the Import Fields dialog for Summation and EDRM load file imports. Columns can now be sorted ascending or descending by clicking the column header.
6 Log Viewer Error logs for LAW case and load file imports are now stored in the case folder ($Logs\Import) and will be displayed in the Log Viewer.
7 Management Console Improved handling of stalled client machines during a distributed batch processing job. Client node names will turn red and will be restarted automatically if they are stalled longer than the amount of time listed in the new "Auto Restart Client" LMC setting (Tools -> Options). A client can also be manually stopped and restarted using the End Process button located on the client details panel.
8 Management Console Client activity times are now reported in GMT for consistent logging regardless of client station's time zone. Note: The job start time is still displayed in the time zone of the station that created job, but the actual job start time is based on GMT to allow clients to start at the expected time for jobs scheduled to start in the future regardless of current time zone on the client station.
9 Reporting Modified the ED Loader Session Report to more accurately summarize the record types imported into the LAW case.
10 Run Command Minor SQL server related performance improvements made to the TextPathExtractor command.
11 Searching The "Max Files to Retrieve" full text search setting default for new cases has been changed from 500 to 0 (unlimited).
12 TIFF/E-Print If documents have been processed in alternate time zones, or a time zone different than the current, the TIFF/E-Print process will prompt the user to synchronize the time zones during processing by changing the current time zone during processing. This is required in many cases to ensure that date/time fields within documents that may contain dynamic date fields (ie. MSG e-mails, office documents, PDF files, etc.) match the desired time zone in the paper or TIFF output.
13 User Interface A button to launch the View Reports dialog has been added to the toolbar on the main form (to the right of the Export Utility button).
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Administration Resolved errors that were occurring when deactivating or reactivating cases.
2 ED Loader An extra file was being added to the queue if files were added via the File(s) button and a sort was being performed in the Select File(s) dialog.
3 ED Loader If the system date/time setting to 'Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes' is disabled, Outlook messages that occur between 12-1 AM receive an invalid TimeSent value in the metadata as a result of an invalid DST adjustment. This did not affect the actual MSG native file or the DateSent field, only the TimeSent field in LAW's metadata was affected. This issue only occurred in versions 5.6.14 - 5.7.05.
4 ED Loader Implemented fix for specific e-mails that were missing the body when converted to HTML during import.
5 Exports Delimiters for records without native files were not being included in the Concordance DAT file when exporting with the "Include records without files" setting enabled.
6 Exports Greyscale images for documents stored in serialized format (1 image per page) were not being converted to JPG files when exporting to the single-page format with the "Default" Output setting selected.
7 Exports LAW would crash if the number of export warnings and/or errors exceeded 32,767.
8 Exports When exporting using the "Export as single page text" option, certain Unicode text files were missing the content in the exported file.
9 Grid Views A "not a valid bookmark" error was occurring when attempting to use the Batch Update feature in the embedded grid while one or more fields were in the grouping area.
10 Grid Views Clicking the Save button in the standalone grid view would case LAW to hang if the grid was pinned on top of other windows.
11 Imports Extremely large EDRM load files (~ 400+ MB) were failing to import due to memory limitations.
12 Imports Volume table entries were being read incorrectly in certain cases which could result in native files being imported to the wrong location and not appearing in the case.
13 LAWtsi A "Failed to retrieve date from the internet" error was occurring if LAWtsi was opened after LAW on a machine with no Internet connection.
14 LAWtsi An "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal" error was occurring when attempting to scan a document in a case with user-defined page-level fields present.
15 Management Console An overflow error was occurring when launching the LMC if certain system fields (i.e. Elapsed) contained extremely large values.
16 Management Console The LMC was not recognizing the ABBYY OCR Engine license.
17 OCR A "bad file name or number" error would occur when attempting to OCR records in a Unicode path with the ABBYY OCR engine.
18 OCR Page markers were not being inserted in text when using the Xerox TextBridge OCR engine for single page serialized images. The OCRStatus and OCRFlag fields were not updated in this case either.
19 OCR The "Create PDF thumbnails" option was not functioning as expected for the Expervision engine.
20 Reports When running a Tally report on certain fields in a SQL case, the report would show "<" instead of "<Null>" if the field did not contain values.
21 Searching The wildcard characters available for database searching were not working.
22 TIFF Conversion In very rare situations, Outlook may produce printed output after a timeout has been logged for the document being printed, resulting in the merging of the images with an unrelated document. To prevent this from occurring, Outlook is now forced closed if a timeout is logged while printing to this source application.
23 TIFF/E-Print Hidden text was not detected and revealed on some documents.
24 TIFF/E-Print Revisions were not being displayed in the printed output if "Show Revisions" was enabled and "Show Comments" was disabled in LAW's Word settings.
Version 5.7.05 (Release Date: Jun 10, 2010)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Exports Records for native files that do not have an associated file in LAW can now optionally be included in native exports by selecting the 'Include records without files' option under the 'Include Native Files' setting on the Formats/Documents tab of the Export Utility.
2 Exports Scans for blank and duplicate values on image tags and fields used in the file naming scheme can now be disabled if desired. These options are available in a new Advanced tab in the Export Utility.
3 Exports Text files (or content if embedded) can now optionally be excluded during exports at the record level by selecting the 'Omit text for tagged documents' option on the Text Options configuration dialog of the Export Utility.
4 Imports A character encoding option is now available in the delimited text import. Auto-detection of the selected load file will be performed when a file is selected for import. LAW can auto-detect between Unicode, UTF-8 (requires BOM), and standard ANSI (ISO-8859-1) automatically. If another encoding is used, it must be set manually.
5 OCR Support for the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine is now available. The ABBYY engine includes support for CJK (Asian) languages and PDF/A output. Note: This requires an additional license. Please contact your sales representative for purchase information.
6 Reports New reports were added to the new reporting engine (File -> Administration -> View Reports). The following reports are now available: Deduplication Report, Page Properties (source, size, and color), and a Tally Report (on a selected field).
7 Run Command A new custom command is included to capture the file sizes of text extracted during ED imports. The command will show up as "Capture Text File Sizes" in the Run Command menu.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader dtSearch engine was updated to version 7.64, see <> for details.
2 ED Loader The file identification engine was updated to version 2.27.
3 Imports The handling of attachments in EDRM imports was modified to force an attachment into the same folder as the parent. EDRM files produced by Encase may place attachments in separate folders than the parent document, which is not permitted in LAW.
4 Reports The new reporting engine can now also be accessed from the external grid display (Tools -> View Reports).
5 Reports The new reporting engine now persists all settings at the case level.
6 Reports The new reporting engine now supports reports based on the current recordset if a grid display is active.
7 Reports The new reporting engine now supports the ability to control the position of a report logo if specified.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Deduplication Duplicate documents existing in the same custodian across two cases may end up with a dupstatus of 'G' instead of 'C' during Inter-case Deduplication.
2 Deduplication Using the 'Only test untested records' setting in the Deduplication Utility forces the deduplication of all untested records in the case and ignores selected custodians.
3 ED Loader Browse for Outlook Folder continues to populate folders when <ESC> is pressed. Support for <ESC> key has been removed, the Cancel button can now be used to cancel the loading of the folder structure.
4 ED Loader Contacts that are Distribution Lists in Outlook were being unexpectedly deduplicated.
5 ED Loader Corrected incorrect file identification on specific text files as a Tape Archive File (*.tar).
6 ED Loader Date/TimeAppStart and Date/TimeAppEnd info is not extracted for calendar items with dates in the future.
7 ED Loader DupStatus value is not set to N for items with empty hashes when deduping during an import.
8 ED Loader Metadata is not extracted from Office 2007 files (i.e. *.docx) if the import is run on a workstation with a 64-bit OS.
9 ED Loader Session Reports are transposing "Partially Exclude" and "Exclude" for the deduplication action on the Deduplication and FileType Exclusion tabs.
10 E-Print "Object variable or with block variable not set (91)" error occurs when e-printing with e-printing and tiff conversion slipsheet options disabled.
11 Exports Concordance Image 5.1 and above is not recognized preventing the creation of the Opticon database during Concordance Direct (DCB) exports.
12 Grid Views An error occurs if attempting to use the spell check feature from the embedded grid on the main form.
13 Imports Files with extended ANSI characters (ASCII > 123) are not parsed correctly during Delimited Text imports.
14 Imports If the "RootFilePath" attribute is specified in the <Root> node of an EDRM load file, the import fails to start and reports the following error, "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."
15 Imports IPRO/Opticon imports may import documents into an unexpected folder when hard paths are used.
16 Imports The <Folders> node in an EDRM load file produced by Encase with multiple nested subfolders is incorrectly interpreted during the import, resulting in an incorrect output folder structure in LAW. This may result in a path too long to store that will prevent the import of a document.
17 Licensing Document deletion is permitted via Delete key from main form without an active Scan or QC license.
18 Reports An invalid session database will not refresh the selected sessions value correctly for the Exception Report.
19 Reports Files by Type Summary report does not display a summary count if 'Display Custom Logo' is set to False.
20 Reports Pressing the <ESC> key before a report begins to render will display a blank preview pane.
21 Reports Unable to select reports across report categories when using the keyboard.
22 TIFF/E-Print Field code replacement excludes fields found in text boxes.
23 TIFF/E-Print Field replacement for Excel files does not detect chart-only sheets in workbooks.
Version 5.6.16 (Release Date: Mar 31, 2010)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Outlook PST output is saved as HTML regardless of output setting (only present in 5.6.15).
2 ED Loader Archives processed increment the "Incomplete" status count in session log (only present in 5.6.15).
Version 5.6.15 (Release Date: Mar 10, 2010)
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update Batch update fails if query was specified with 'Retain parent/attachment groups' setting enabled.
2 ED Loader A record is created for archives and the archive is copied into LAW's file system regardless of any archive settings. This behavior was inadvertently changed as of the 5.5.07 release.
3 ED Loader Links to embedded images in HTML e-mails (Outlook) are lost and cause an error during exports if the original filename is Unicode.
4 Grid Views A copy/paste operation in the embedded grid will copy the source data twice.
5 Grid Views If the grid is closed while an edit is in progress LAW closes unexpectedly.
6 User Interface The folder menu is completely disabled unless the Scan, Edit, or Admin license is active in the session.
7 User Interface The CaseMap, TimeMap, TextMap links on TotalLitigator menu link to invalid web page if products are not installed.
Version 5.6.14 (Release Date: Feb 11, 2010)
New Features  
# Category Description
1 Batch Update An "Auto-increment selected text/memo fields" option has been added to the Batch Update dialog in the standalone grid display. When enabled, the values entered for all selected text and memo fields in the Batch Update dialog will increment by one for each document in the grid. The Batch Update feature has also been optimized for improved performance on SQL cases and can now be used to auto-number document sets in a fraction of the time required by the document numbering batch process.
2 Deduplication LAW cases can now be deduplicated against each other using the standalone Inter-Case Deduplication Utility. A link to this utility can be found in the LAW PreDiscovery program group. This tool is intended for use after cases have been populated with documents via ED Loader imports. Documents may be deduplicated globally or on a custodian level using the MD5 or SHA-1 hash values calculated during the import process.
3 ED Loader A "NIST" filter has been added to the ED Loader Settings tab and can be used to filter e-documents based on the collection of SHA-1 hash values published and maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology ("NIST").
4 ED Loader An "Export to Excel" function has been added to the File menu and toolbar in the Session Viewer and is used to save all tabs in the Session Viewer to a single Excel file at one time.
5 ED Loader Two new tabs have been added to the Session Viewer: Overview and Settings. The Overview tab contains a number of different totals for the selected session, such as total number of records written and error counts. The Settings tab lists all ED Loader settings and the state of the settings for the selected session.
6 Exports A "Truncate text values that exceed their field size" setting has been added to the Concordance Direct (DCB) export configuration settings. When enabled, records with text values that exceed their field size will still be added, and have any offending text values truncated, with a warning logged. When disabled, records with text values that exceed their field size will not be added and the previous behavior of listing offending fields and their destination field sizes will apply.
7 Folders Folders in the main folder navigation display can now be moved by clicking Folder -> Move and selecting the new location in the browse window.
8 Grid Views Field delimiters can now be specified when saving record data from the grid displays. The Save button or menu item in the grid displays (previously Save All Records and Save Selected Records) will invoke a Save Options dialog to specify the document range (all or selected), output filename, text format, and delimiters.
9 Licensing License keys for LAW now support the use of remote desktop sessions correctly without using hard licenses of the key for every sublicense used. This requires an update to the Sentinel system driver to version 7.5 or later, which is included in the installer and will be automatically installed. NOTE: If the host system with the hardware key does not have LAW installed, the driver will needed to be updated there as well or LAW will not run after installing this update. The driver can be downloaded directly at <>
10 Reporting Additional functionality has been added to the Full Text Reports dialog in the Query Builder and the reporting capability has been revised. This feature can now be used to report on and execute multiple search requests at once (as opposed to the single request supported via the Query Builder). Document and hit counts are returned the Full Text Reports dialog instead of the standalone grid, eliminating the wait time involved with loading a large number of records into the grid.
11 Reporting New reporting functionality has been added. Four new reports are available for ED-enabled cases: ED Loader Session Report, Exception Report, Files by Type, and Files by Type Summary. These reports are available from the File -> Administration -> View Reports menu. These new reports are intended to supplement the ED Reports available from the grid display. The File by Type reports are similar to the grid-based reports, but additionally contain file size information.
12 Text Indexing A "Text Priority" setting has been added to the text index options (Tools -> Options -> Indexing tab) and can be used to set the priority of the text files used for the full text indexing process. The default priority order is OCR, Printed text, Extracted text.
13 Text Indexing A "Verify Index" function has been added to the "Full Text Index Properties" dialog. This function will validate the full text index for the current case.
14 Text Indexing A new function, Purge Duplicates, can be accessed from the full text index properties (enable text search from query builder, hit options button in text area, hit Index Properties button). This function will scan the text index looking for any documents that are flagged as duplicate in LAW. If any are found, the number will be reported to the user and prompted with a confirmation to remove. Removing duplicates from the text index will improve the efficiency of text searches by eliminating any duplicates from being searched and returned.
15 Text Indexing A new setting has been added to the OCR and TIFF options to allow more control over the text index flag (_FTIndex). The state of the "Reset text index status" setting will control whether documents are re-flagged for full text indexing after OCR or printed text has been added for a document. The default behavior (disabled) is to update the index status whenever new text is added, or modified.
16 Text Indexing An "Ignore duplicate documents during indexing" setting has been added to the text index options (Tools -> Options -> Indexing tab). When enabled, records flagged as duplicates in LAW (DupStatus=G or DupStatus=C) will be omitted from the full text indexing process.
17 Text Search A new function, Tag Text Hits, has been added to the query builder. This function allows tagging of text hits without actually running the text search. This feature is optimized to conserve memory allowing results sets to be tagged that cannot run directly due to memory constraints. This process is multithreaded so it will take advantage of multicore systems distributing the search across multiple cores. NOTES: 1) This function is limited to the text search term only, it does not incorporate database conditions, 2) Available fields for tagging are unlocked, non-system TAG or NUMERIC fields. Selecting a TAG field will tag each record that contains a hit while selecting a NUMERIC field will store the number of hits per document for the term.
# Category Description
1 ED Loader Added support for Date/TimeAppStart and Date/TimeAppEnd metadata fields for Lotus Notes appointment/meeting items.
2 ED Loader ED Loader database reconnection behavior has been extended to cover time-out errors on SQL Server.
3 ED Loader HTML and Text converted from Lotus Notes appointment items will now contain a Start and End time in the header if this data is available and considered valid.
4 ED Loader HTML converted from mail stores is now saved as UTF-8 if the encoding specified in the HTML is explicitly declared as UTF-8. Previous implementations would save the HTML file as UCS-2, potentially resulting in some Western-European characters not rendering correctly without changing the encoding in the web browser.
5 ED Loader LAW will now respect the system's daylight savings setting for timestamps extracted from Outlook e-mails (previously, DST adjustments were universally applied to metadata dates regardless of system setting).
6 ED Loader Text is no longer extracted for records marked as duplicates when using the "Partially Exclude (Log record but do not copy file)" action is selected.
7 ED Loader The case list and case selection panel has been removed from the Session Viewer. The File -> Open command has been modified to allow the selection of a different case or specific session database (job.mdb).
8 ED Loader The custodian assignment can now be modified when the ED Loader is launched in insert mode (Edit -> Insert -> E-Document(s) | E-Document Attachment(s)).
9 Endorse LAW will no longer force JPEG compression on all non-binary (color/greyscale) images during the endorse process. It will attempt to retain the original compression of non-binary images. Supported compressions are: None, Packbits, LZW, and JPEG. If the compression cannot be detected, or is not one of these, JPEG will be used as a default. An INI setting is available to revert to the previous behavior if desired.
10 Exports The contents of the Control List created during exports no longer wraps data in quotes.
11 Exports The specified image tag is now used instead of the ID field in LAW to populate the AttachmentRangeBegin and AttachmentRangeEnd fields in the BlueTrace load file.
12 Imports Support for UCS-2 and UTF-8 Unicode files has been added to the Import Delimited Text feature.
13 Imports When a load file import is initiated, IPRO, Opticon and Summation (@I and @V) volumes are now automatically detected if the image volume is either the folder containing the load file or its parent. If the volume folder cannot be automatically detected, LAW will prompt to select the folder manually, which was the default behavior in previous versions.
Bug Fixes  
# Category Description
1 Batch/Export Initiating batch/export utilities reports an error if a page-level recordset is active in Access cases, or the 'Un-endorsed Images' query is run. This does not affect the operation of these processes, but fails to calculate the document count correctly prior to the process.
2 Case Creation An "invalid authorization specification" error occurs on Windows 7 machines when attempting to create SQL cases. This operating system is now fully supported.
3 Case Properties Modifying the image path of an existing case was causing the "$Image Archive" directory to become invalid.
4 ED Loader A "Type Mismatch" error was occurring when attempting to group by a field in the Incomplete tab in the Session Viewer.
5 ED Loader A run-time error was occurring when viewing tabs or grouping in the Session Viewer in certain situations.
6 ED Loader ED Loader is unable to initiate a new session for loading if the regional date settings are set to 'English (United Kingdom)' or any locale with a short date format of DD/MM instead of MM/DD, and the day of the month is greater than 12.
7 ED Loader Hash values were not being assigned to the "embedded" archive record when using the "Include embedded archives" ED Loader Archive setting.
8 ED Loader Implemented fix for DateAccessed and TimeAccessed being incorrectly mapped by ED Loader to fields DateLastAccessed and TimeLastAccessed in LAW which are not present in the standard Electronic Discovery case template.
9 ED Loader Implemented fix for extracted e-mail body sometimes being truncated from ANSI format PST files (Outlook 97-2002).
10 ED Loader Implemented fix for incorrect From/sender address being extracted from MIME emails with malformed headers or headers that contain the full multi-part MIME message with no sender present in the top-level header (in which case a reply-to address could be extracted).
11 ED Loader Implemented fix for specific e-mails that showed HTML code after processing, caused by soft returns being present in the HTML elements.
12 ED Loader The Conversation index field values for Lotus Notes were not being calculated correctly. The prefixes Re: and Fw: were not being removed from the subject unless they were all CAPS.
13 ED Loader The ED Loader was failing to inventory and process input file paths exceeding 260 characters. It will now copy these files to a temporary directory for processing and log a "Long Path" warning.
14 ED Loader The e-mail bodies in a specific set of Lotus Notes e-mails were not being extracted.
15 ED Loader When an e-mail containing an empty (zero byte) attachment file is imported via ED Loader, and the 'Include attachment hashes in e-mail metadata hash' deduplication setting is enabled, the e-mail and its attachment records will fail to import and the following processing error will be logged, "Error Src: MMailGenerateAttachmentContentHash - Error Desc: No valid hash content".
16 Endorse Endorsing a serialized document containing mixed file types (TIFFs and JPG for example) would force the compression of page one to the rest of the document.
17 Exports Using Concordance 10.03 or later to perform a Concordance Direct (DCB) export causes TEXT fields to appear as gibberish (random Unicode characters).
18 Grid Views After performing View -> Refresh Grid, the first record in the grid was becoming active but did not synchronize with the active document if "Synchronize Image" was enabled.
19 Grid Views The "group row" (row that shows the value and number of records when the grid is grouped) was being included in the selected record or all records count. A fix was also implemented for an error that was occurring while saving the grid to file with a group row selected.
20 Grid Views The legacy ED reports were not respecting the current result set, and would not account for records imported from an EDRM load file. Performance was also enhanced, and a limit was placed on the reports to 3,500 pages. Reports in excess of this would quit rendering due to resource issues and cause all data to that point to be lost. Saving a report over 3,500 pages is still possible if an output of HTML is specified. The page counts reported will now default to the PgCount field, since this should always be the most accurate. If not specified, the EDPages field will be used.
21 Imports Errors updating image links during imports were not being logged, and you could end up with records in LAW with empty image links, or missing random pages. Logging during imports has been improved, and the import process was optimized to improve performance, especially for SQL cases when using the 'Link to source files in place when importing load files' setting (Tools -> Options -> Preferences tab).
22 Imports The PgCount field would display "1" for the last record in a multi-page Opticon load file import when the record contained more than one page. The image viewer would display all pages but only one page record was added to the database.
23 Imports Two copies of the same document were sometimes being added during a load file import with SQL cases if an error occurred logging the record.
24 Index Fields After adding a new index field to a case, the currently loaded document would fail to refresh the index fields tab until the document is manually reloaded.
25 Licensing Specifying languages other than English (i.e. "Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)") in Regional Settings -> Advanced Tab -> "Language for non-Unicode programs" prevents LAW from detecting the license key.
26 Licensing The license key was not being recognized on a machine with the language setting set to Chinese.
27 Licensing Using regional settings that use a system date format of d/m/yyyy (e.g. "English (United Kingdom)") can block LAW from running on machines without Internet access, reporting an "Invalid system time detected" error.
28 Licensing Using regional settings that use a system date format of d/m/yyyy (e.g. "English (United Kingdom)") can cause license keys to fail on certain days of the month, incorrectly reporting an expired subscription date.
29 Management Console The LAW Management Console (LMC) is unable to function correctly if the regional date settings are set to 'English (United Kingdom)' or any locale with a short date format of DD/MM instead of MM/DD, and the day of the month is greater than 12.
30 OCR OCRing a document with existing OCR text that is marked read-only fails to update the text and reports an error of "Error saving text to output file - Path/File access error (75)".
31 Printing Batch printing images to paper fails under certain conditions in non-ED cases in version 5.5.07.
32 Query Builder Non-numeric values could not be specified for Auto-Number fields in the Query Builder.
33 Text Search Text searches that return an extremely large number of document/text hits (~ 300K) may report no results found due to a memory resource issue with the dtSearch engine. A critical error will now be returned in this case. The new feature Tag Text Hits may be used as a workaround if this situation occurs to tag records that match a text search term.
34 Text Search Text searches would fail with a type mismatch or out of memory error when returning a large number of document hits (around 200K or more). This limitation has been improved but not completely resolved and is still under investigation.
35 TIFF Conversion Performing a manual TIFF conversion with the output format set to Serialized and Drop blank pages enabled in the TIFF Output options fails to display in the preview window and fails to import any pages of the document after the first blank page in the document. No errors are displayed or logged when this issue occurs.
36 TIFF Conversion When Multipage is set as the output format while performing a manual TIFF conversion, some Excel files may fail to display the entire document in the preview window and will fail to correctly save the image. This issue occurs if Excel breaks the document up in the spooler as a result of worksheets containing different page layout settings.
37 TIFF/E-Print An "Invalid property value (380)" error was occurring when launching the E-Print dialog when no printers or only the LexisNexis Image Driver was installed. The same error would occur when launching the TIFF Options dialog if no printers were installed.
38 TIFF/E-Print An error was occurring after pressing the Cancel button while adding a new password in the Passwords category.
39 TIFF/E-Print The <Remove> buttons in the Passwords category may display as enabled with an empty password list.
40 TIFF/E-Print The field codes for the "CREATEDATE" and "SAVEDATE" fields in Word documents were not being displayed in the output when using the option to "Show field codes" when printing.